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Message of Billy Graham: A Wonderful Hope

One of the bonuses of being a Christian is the wonderful hope that extends beyond the grave into the glory of God’s tomorrow. I have talked to doctors and nurses who have held the hands of dying people, and they say there is as much difference between the death of a Christian and of a […]

The Good News of Jesus, The Saviour of Mankind

 Most of you would probably be familiar with the usual explanation of the meaning of the word gospel. It is commonly asserted that the Greek word translated gospel in English (euangelion) can be translated as good news. That is certainly a reasonable translation, but it is not entirely adequate. The Greek word gospel, which is […]

Facing the New Year

What will the New Year bring?  We don’t know what lies in the future. We may face this coming year with some trepidation. Many at St Paul’s are growing older and life is getting tougher, with various challenges of one sort or another. For some there is the hope that things might get better. Some […]

Atheism Leads to Despair whereas Christianity Leads to Hope

There are times in our lives when we ask ourselves the questions: What’s the point of it all? Is there any point to my existence? It is common for many in our society today to say that there is no ultimate meaning to anything. The atheistic journalist, Christopher Hitchens said,  “It’s time to move beyond […]

The Necessity of Christian Obedience

How we admire the obedience a dog shows to its master! Archibald Rutledge wrote that one day he met a man whose dog had just been killed in a forest fire. Heartbroken, the man explained to Rutledge how it had happened. Because he worked outdoors, he often took his dog with him.  That morning, he […]

The Lord’s Supper by JC Ryle

He who eats the bread and the wine in a right spirit will find himself drawn into closer communion with Christ, and will feel to know Him more, and understand Him better. Right reception of the Lord’s Supper has a “humbling” effect on the soul. The  sight of the bread and the wine as emblems […]

It’s hard to change!

” It is hard to believe now, but the potato was once a highly unpopular food. When first introduced into England by Sir Walter Raleigh, newspapers printed editorials against it, ministers preached sermons against it, and the general public wouldn’t touch it. It was supposed to sterilize the soil in which it had been planted […]

Missionary Zeal

A Brazilian bible college student felt called by God to do missionary work for the Xiao people, a people in the remote province in the north of Asia which is restricted from any Christian witness. This is her story of how she evangelised this tribe: “I live in Japan and I am a non-resident missionary […]

The Grace of God

What makes Christianity different from all the other religions of the world? Years ago that very question was discussed at a conference. Some of the participants argued that Christianity was unique in teaching that God became man, but someone objected, saying that other religions teach similar doctrines. What about the resurrection? No, it was argued. […]

Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival

Between 1904 t0 1905 Wales experienced a great revival. While by no means the best known of revivals, it was one of the most dramatic in terms of its effect on the population, and triggered revivals in several other countries. The ma God chose to use to lead this revival in Wales was Evan Roberts, […]