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The Lord’s Supper by JC Ryle

He who eats the bread and the wine in a right spirit will find himself drawn into closer communion with Christ, and will feel to know Him more, and understand […]

It’s hard to change!

” It is hard to believe now, but the potato was once a highly unpopular food. When first introduced into England by Sir Walter Raleigh, newspapers printed editorials against it, […]

Missionary Zeal

A Brazilian bible college student felt called by God to do missionary work for the Xiao people, a people in the remote province in the north of Asia which is […]

The Grace of God

What makes Christianity different from all the other religions of the world? Years ago that very question was discussed at a conference. Some of the participants argued that Christianity was […]

I will build My church (Mat 16:18)

This promise has enormous implications for every follower of Jesus Christ. “I will build My Church”. Each of the five words in this brief declaration reveals an essential truth of […]

The Place Where You Live

A prayer of Moses, the man of God. “ Lord, You have been in our dwelling house in all generations.” (Psa 90:1) Here is a remarkable sentence indeed. It was […]