God is the good giver of all that we have so how can we take and not give  back? It is only right that we use our God-given talents and our time but we also are called to make financial contributions as we are able. This enables gospel work to continue and provides funds for general running expenses that always come with congregational and property responsibilities.

Monetary Offerings can be placed in the offering bag as it comes around during Worship. Alternatively, an EFT machine is available after the service and the Elder on duty can assist with this.

Direct Deposit is an easy method for providing financial support, be it as an ongoing regular contribution or for a donation. Please identify the purpose for which you are making your contribution e.g. Offering or Mission Project or by name if it is for a special fundraising project e.g. AV equipment.

Bank: National Australia Bank

A/C Name St Paul’s Presbyterian Church

BSB: 084004

A/C Number 019372998


This is a separate entity to the church congregation. Community donations for the Restoration Project on St Paul’s Bell Tower are much appreciated. More details are found with access to the St Paul’s Appeal Tax Deductible Donation Form by Credit Card -Amended Website Option 260420