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Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory

by the Rev Paul Seiler Donald Cargill was one of the bright stars among the Covenanters in Scotland. This man was among many Scots who refused to compromise the gospel and the doctrine of worship. Consequently he was condemned by the church authorities in Scotland at the time. He was condemned by the government and […]

Same Sex Marriage and the Eternal Wrestle with Words

Same Sex Marriage and The Eternal Wrestle with Words The offerings in this section are never political. The Christian life is open to those who seek it. Something is projected shortly, though, which could change the organisation of society as we know it and which organisation derives from the Judaeo-Christian ethic. As a result you might want to think about what follows. The […]

The Bird that Flew Away

The Bird that Flew Away by SM A young man visiting a church heard the priest talking about the entry of sin into human life – that is, when Adam disobeyed God. The priest then said that every human being was a sinner, not only by inheritance from Adam, but also by his/her own personal […]

Restoration Project Update

The gothic splendour of the front of St Paul’s Church is once again visible to the public eye after being masked for the last three years by scaffolding. With the first two stages of the Bell Tower Restoration project now completed, the scaffolding has gone and the entry area to the front door of the church […]

The Precious Gift of the Lord’s Prayer

The Precious Gift of the Lord’s Prayer by the Rev. Professor Emeritus Norm Barker The Church through the ages has used Matthew 6 as a form of prayer. Another form is found in Luke 11, in answer to the disciples’ request, “Lord, teach us to pray”.  Referring to Luke 11, he said, “Someone has said, […]

He Gave Himself

He Gave Himself by the Rev. Paul Seiler The land of Persia was once ruled by a wise and beloved Shah who cared greatly for his people and desired only what was best for them. One day he disguised himself as a poor man and went to visit the public baths. The water for the […]

True Faith

True Faith by the Rev. Paul Seiler Faith in Christ is more than mere intellectual assent; it is believing with all the mind, with the will, and with action. Years ago a party of visitors at the national mint were told by a workman in the smelting works that if you first dipped your hand […]

Why celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

Why celebrate the Lord’s Supper? by the Rev. Paul Seiler On the evening before the Lord Jesus died on the cross He met with His disciples in the upper room. There the Lord Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples. It is no mere circumstance that God chose to offer up His only begotten son […]


The Merry-Go-Round  by SM In this modern world with its problems there are some people who have lost hope, other people doubting and some who hope regardless. And their concerns? For some it’s climate change.  For many threats from disaffected immigrants, ebola in Africa, starvation in too many countries, and, yes, even slavery. Refugees in […]