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A Praying Mother

One outstanding example of a praying person is Monica, who was the mother of Augustine of Hippo. Hippo was a city in North Africa. Today North Africa is predominantly lslamic, but in Augustine’s day, (13 November 354 AD -28 August430 AD) it was an important centre of Christianity. Augustine is considered as one of the […]

A Charming Failure?

A Charming Failure? A ‘Think About This’ article written by JSDM  “There is something innately charming about the ordinary folk who came in droves to see the charismatic preacher (Billy Graham): men in their dark suits and hats, women wearing frocks, hats and gloves, girls with their plaits and bobbysocks, clean-cut lads with short-back-and-sides haircuts, […]

The Good News of Jesus, The Saviour of Mankind

THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS, THE SAVIOUR OF MANKIND Most of you would probably be familiar with the usual explanation of the meaning of the word gospel. It is commonly asserted that the Greek word translated gospel in English (euangelion) can be translated as good news. That is certainly a reasonably translation but it is […]

Guilty Before the Law

GUILTY BEFORE THE LAW In one of his sermons, the preacher, AC Dixon, told of an incident that took place in Brooklyn, N.Y. USA. A detective who had been looking for a local citizen finally tracked him down in a drugstore. As the man began to make his purchase, the officer laid his hand on […]

Having Trouble Praying?

Having Trouble Praying? Prayer is not an acquired art but is instinctive. We pray for help when life is just too much for us and, interestingly enough, pray with our whole being that we be heard – particularly when we are desperate and anxious. Are there any rules? Strictly speaking there aren’t.  We do not […]

Reformation Series – No. 3 By faith alone (Sola Fide)

Justification through faith alone:  The Roman Catholic Church does not like the Protestant view of justification. It has pronounced anathema upon anyone who believes or teaches this doctrine. Roman Catholic theologians argue that Luther’s doctrine of justification is a legal fiction.  They ask: How is it possible for God to pronounce righteous a person who […]