Psalm 23 in Action

Psalm 23 in Action

The Scottish Covenanters were committed Presbyterians who played an important part in the history of Scotland during the 17th Century.

They were deeply concerned about the moves of the English Kings to impose Anglican forms of worship on the scots.

They took the view that Christ alone is to be obeyed when it came to worship. Many Covenanters gave their lives in their utter commitment to worship God as God’s word commands. In the time of the Scottish Covenanters a group of children was ordered to be shot.

 A little girl of eight looked up into the  face of one of the soldier., and said: “Sodger man, will ye let me take my wee brither by the hand and die that way?” “Bonny Whigs ye are,” cried Westerha, “to die without a prayer.” “If it please ye, sir,” said the little girl, “me and Alec canna pray, but we can sing ‘The Lord’s my shepherd.’ My mother learned it us afore she haed awa.”

Then all the bairns stood up, and from their lips rose the quavering strains: “The Lord’s my shepherd I’ll not want.” As they sang, trooper after trooper turned away, man after man fell out, and the tears rained down their cheeks.

At last even Westerha turned and rode away, for the victory was to the bairns through the singing of the twenty-third Psalm.