When the Lord Jesus commands all people to repent and believe the gospel, if we are wise we shall take note lithse2and do as He commands, for there is no higher authority in heaven or on earth. He is the Light of the world and He has authority to guide us along the right path in this world.

Max Lucado gives the following illustration of this from an incident that occurred to a naval officer, Frank Koch, who was serving in the US Navy.

Frank was serving on a battle ship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The battle ship was one of two battleships in an exercise that was experiencing very heavy weather for several days.

Frank Koch says, I was serving on the lead battleship and was on watch on the bridge as night fell. The visibility was poor with patchy fog, so the captain remained on the bridge keeping an eye on all activities.

Shortly after dark, the lookout on the wing reported, “Light, bearing on the starboard bow.”

“Is it steady or moving astern?” the captain called out. The lookout replied, “Steady, Captain,” which meant we were on a dangerous collision course with that ship,

The captain then called to the signalman, “Signal that ship: We are on a collision course, advise you change course twenty degrees.” Back came the signal, “Advisable for you to change course twenty degrees.”

The captain said, “Send: l’m a captain, change course twenty degrees.”  “l’m a seaman second-class,” came the reply. “You had better change course twenty degrees.”

By that lime the captain was furious; he felt that his authority was being undermined. He spat out, “Send: l’m a battleship. Change coarse twenty degrees.”

Back came the flashing light, “I’m a lighthouse.”

Frank Koch said “We changed course.” In this instance a prudence dictated that the captain change course to avoid disaster.

We had all better take note of Jesus Christ’s command, for disaster is ahead of all those who refuse to turn from their sins, and take up the cross and follow Him.