LOVE – “Can Western Civilisation be saved?”

    “Can Western Civilisation be saved?”

 “Western civilization has been transformed from the lovechild of Christianity and the Enlightenment into a malformed neo—Marxist culture” wrote Jennifer Oriel in “The Australian” 11/7/16. Then Paul Kelly in “The Australian” 15-16/4/17 stated, Progressive morality is elbowing out Christian values… Christian tradition faces erosion from … the failure of its churches and clerics (and)…Secularism and the rise of an alternative progressive morality.” The recent Census confirms these writings. So where to now? What’s ahead?


An old story tells how an “important–on-earth successful” man appeared at the bar of Heaven. St. Peter asked him what he did on earth and he replied that he had made a lot of money. Money!!! The whole of Heaven laughed. Why? Because he had missed the point to love (like or being kind to) others was far more important than using a once only life just to amass money – necessarily left behind when one dies. Read some of the obituary notices in the press – what gets a mention – love or money?


Love is a Christian core belief. It matters in life and at life’s end – loving, being loved, and helping others. They all matter. So, if we don’t teach that to children, the “I want” or “I suits Me” attitudes will prevail. Those who cause domestic violence and road rage – as well as “one-hit fatal” punchersare

 “I want” and “I suit Me” followers. If children imitate them and are not taught otherwise we will end up living among violent people – Barbarians.

Christ said, “Love (care for or be kind to) one anotherand, also, that we had to tell others that, when we believed in Him, His death on the Cross negated our individual sins, and that the final destiny of Christians was to be with the God who created them. If not that,what’s the point of being born? If just to get power or money then, at the end it seems like a lot of worry and trouble for nothing.  Why, if it then means little?


Well, what if you object that Christianity wants you to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead? Did He? Consider just one event. A disciple named Peter denied knowing Jesus three times on the night before Jesus’s crucifixion. Later, after having met the risen Jesus, Peter changed his whole purpose in life, taught others about Jesus, and was, finally, crucified in Rome. Why? What made him die rather than disbelieve that Christ was alive? But remember that there were others who saw Jesus alive.


In non-Christian Rome, Christians met at near dawn on a Sunday to know and encourage each other. They believed in God and in his Son, Jesus, as do Christians today. So, can the West be saved? Yes, if we teach our children to believe in Christ and the Christian way of caring for each other and our legislation in Parliament reflects it. Think about it.


           Speak to a minister or priest if you want to know more.  (SM)