Living under the Lordship of Christ

To own Jesus Christ as Lord will make a difference in the everyday decisions we make in our lives. We must be willing to pay the price of discipleship.

 The truth is well illustrated in the life of American businessman, Jack Eckerd, who was the founder of a very large drugstore chain in America.

Shortly after his conversion, he happened to be walking though one of his stores when he noticed the magazine racks with their glossy copies of Playboy and Penthouse.

 Although Eckerd was retired from active management, he called the president of the company and urged him to get rid of those pornographic magazines. The president protested because substantial profits were gained from their sales.

 Being the largest stockholder, Eckerd himself stood to lose a lot of money by such a decision. Eckerd remained firm in his objection and he prevailed. The offensive magazines were removed from 1700 drugstores.

When he was asked what motivated him to take this action, Eckerd replied,” God wouldn’t let me off the hook!”

NIV  Luke 9:23  Then he said to them all: “Whosoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”