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This Book has been fenced off in black. Many homes have a copy but it is rarely read though it is the most powerful book one can ever read. Many know about it but that’s all – yet it is the key to why we’re here and where we’re going. It has often been recommended by the oddest people and brandished in the most obnoxious ways. Some have died so that it can be read.  To start at the beginning is to become lost before you even get to the New Testament. Stay with me for a bit of help.

Did you know there was an Old Testament and a New Testament? Start again – what does the word “Testament“ mean? It simply means “Agreement”.  With whom?  With people. Between God and the people of ancient Israel and now us. And there were several agreements by God with them – which they couldn’t keep. Well, there’s a start! The Old Testament records the efforts and failures of those times. It’s best to read it as a history of God looking for and making several arrangements with the human beings He has created.  And that’s what the word Covenant means –New Covenant means New Agreement.

Here’s a short way to help you to get a bird’s eye view of the Old Testament.  Go to the New Testament and read the section entitled ”Hebrews” .The loud and clear message from that section is that the main figures mentioned there had FAITH- an unshakeable belief in God and that God cared for them enough to send His Son as a human being into the world.

 Now read the section entitled “John” in the New Testament to know what happened to Jesus and what his crucifixion meant for us. In short, He made it possible for us to have a direct relationship with God. That’s why we   say, “Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  

This can help -double click on this link – it’s easy to find your way: of the Bible.html

As suggested, a brief encounter is to read Hebrews and John and get into a new relationship with God for your inner peace and the promise of everlasting life. Try it – you deserve it.

(If you wish, speak to any minister or priest about this– SM)