Reflections on Western Society

During a speech, former Minister for Defence, Kevin Andrews, referred to Pitirim Sorokin, 1889-1968, a Russian-American. Sorokin noted of the Russian Revolution: “During the first stages of the [Russian] Revolution, its leaders deliberately attempted to destroy marriage and the family.

Free love was glorified by the official ‘glass of water’ theory: if a person is thirsty, so went the Party line, it is immaterial what glass he uses when satisfying his thirst; it is equally unimportant how he satisfies his sex hunger. The legal distinction between marriage and casual sexual intercourse was abolished. The communist law spoke only of ‘contracts’ between males and females for the satisfaction of their desires either for an indefinite or a definite period – a year, a month, a week, or even a single night. In short, a variation on that musical play, “Anything Goes.”  Really? Does this ring a bell?

The social chaos, which followed the policy, caused its abandonment later in the 1920s. It doesn’t take a university degree to see what this could do to the social values of Western civilization with respect to personal relationships and individual attitudes. Could it happen here? Is it happening here?

Furthermore, one could be brave and state that in the West courtesy still exists. Certainly it exists but so does, increasingly, masculine aggressiveness (machismo) an example of which is the single, sometimes fatal, punch reported from time to time. Sledging in cricket is now accepted as a norm and the behaviour by some players of football needs no comment.

In short, the death of courtesy in Western civilization is noticeable. So what is courtesy? Simply the social oil which facilitates good relationships between people and peoples. It is not the only catalyst but it is a necessary one. It is what Christianity calls “Love in action” – courtesy – respectful kindliness in behaviour…

Without its presence male-female relationships are endangered; bullying can potentially exist in workplace dealings; in the twilight world of crime enforcing extreme violence becomes the norm. It is useless to go on as you already know where the bully boys operate. The practice of courtesy – EVEN A SMILE — as a habit — would make a real contribution to harmony and safety in the community.  So?  Simple .. GET WITH IT — TRY IT. You could be really surprised at its effect. Better still find out what being Christian really means!

Been to worship in a Church recently? No? Try it – you might find the peace you seek. [Speak to a minister or priest if the above has interested you. – SM]