You Can Be Changed Utterly

The poet, W.B. Yeats, has a most expressive line in one of his poems, “Easter 1916”, which says simply: “All changed, changed utterly.”

Everything is changed and changed utterly in our world from what it was.

Few people think much about our living in an era seemingly indifferent to the Christian message which was embraced widely by those who went before us. Christian faith has been decreased by the great flood of blood in World Wars I & II and the embracing of different ways of looking at what we call reality. In other words, we are in a Post Christian era. You can see it in the lifestyles depicted in film and TV and in society itself – an eat, drink, and go-for-it life. 

Everything is changed and changed utterly.

Christian standards are irrelevant. Everyone decides what to do for him/herself. If you are a Christian OK but don’t expect the world to act or look at things the way you do. Christians think and act differently because Christians march to a different drum from society at large.

Everything is changed and changed utterly.

Why? Because of the good news.  Hear it and get to grips with the heart of Christianity – the gospel (which means good news). But what is it? What is the good news?


From Hell? What and where is Hell? To answer simply – saved from DESPAIR where the Latin origin of “despair” means de = without & spiro = I hope or spirit. And, without limiting its meaning, you know that life without hope (despair) can be hell for some people. So we can be saved from that because Life is not a cosmic joke – ending in nothing.To be changed from Despair to Hope is to be changed and changed utterly. To be in-spired (or inspirited) is to get a life –to be changed utterly.


Christ rose from the dead – that validated his message and changed everything in life utterly and forever. He is not still on the Cross. He is not still there sacrificing His life for any shortfalls in our behaviour (our sins) by giving his life to offset them. He is not still in his tomb. He is not dead. He is risen – ALIVE and now with God. People saw Him, ate with Him, talked with Him. His friends recognized Him by voice and face.

Dare to believe He did all that and is alive now. Then…pray and ask Him into your life and you will be changed utterly. You will have Hope that where He is you will be. What goes on in the world will pale into insignificance besides that Hope. Worry? Trouble? Sickness? Yes, still around because we are human. But, whatever happens, we go on as believing travellers in time to finally meet Him.

Dare to ask Him into your life? Try it. Talk to any minister if you wish and if you haven’t got one try ours at (07) 3831 7458                   [SM] .