No Time to Look Up Into Heaven

King Henry IV of France once asked the Duke of Alva if he had observed the great eclipse of the sun that had recently occurred.

“No,” said the duke, “l have so much to do on the earth that l have no leisure to look up into heaven.”

Commenting on this, Thomas Brooks said, “It is sad to think how heart and time are so taken up with earthly things that we have no leisure to look to Christ and the things that belong to everlasting peace.”

How many people are so absorbed in earthly matters that they never take the time to think beyond this present temporal world?

The person who thinks only of the here and now is indeed a fool. For the things of this world are temporal. The momentary pleasures of this world cannot bring the eternal rewards of heaven.

A day is coming when this present world will be no more and there will be a new heaven and earth reserved for those who did take the time to look up and place their faith in the King of Heaven.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things will be added to you.

(Matt. 6:33).