Cobbling for the Glory of God

The following story is told of a cobbler who lived in Edinburgh.

One day the newly installed minister of the shoemaker’s church made his first call at the shoe shop. As the pastor talked, he used some lofty theological language.

 The cobbler replied with understanding and deep spiritual insight that left the preacher astonished. “You should not be cobbling shoes,” he said. “A man with such thoughts and such a manner of expressing those thoughts should not be doing secular work.”

The cobbler was quick to reply, “Sir, take that back!”

“Take what back?” asked the preacher.

“That I am doing secular work,” responded the shoemaker.

 “Do you see that pair of shoes? They belong to widow Smith’s son. Her husband died last summer. She is supported by her boy, who keeps a roof over their heads by working outdoors every day. Bad weather is coming. The Lord said to me, “Will you cobble widow Smith’s boy’s shoes so he won’t catch cold and come down sick this winter?” And I said, “I will.”

“Now you preach sermons under God’s direction, I trust, and I will cobble that boy’s shoes under God’s direction. One day when the rewards are given out, He will say to you and me the same sentence: ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant.’”

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. ( Col 3:23)