I told you so!

by SM

I Told You So!

“We use Christianity as a shield but do nothing to maintain it or practise it” – from @Anthony in The Australian 12/8/16. Well, 40 years ago I wrote  in a Church paper:


1.“O.K. So don’t go to Church. But don’t be too upset when the humanists look at what they see as the museums of an ignorant People’s beliefs, the Churches, empty – and decide that we don’t count any longer. When that comes and it’s not so far away in fact, then you’ll really see some action from them. In the words of the classic, you won’t have seen anything yet.


  1. O. K. So don’t go to church and watch your Sand Castle of Civilisation as you know it being washed away bit by bit as the tide of Humanism comes in. Alone you won’t stop it (but) standing on the rock of which Jesus spoke, the future is His. Rocks don’t melt away.


  1. O.K. So don’t go to church but you won’t be able to take the benefits of the so-called Christian society any longer because we won’t be able to influence anyone anymore. Christians will be known only to each other, living for the most part silent in a pagan world again.”


So society did change! Even blind Freddie could see it coming. Strange that church  people didn’t as Sunday school attendances were falling rapidly in the 1960s. Where were the kids? Out playing football. Can you blame them? No, but you can say that their non-active parents were not Christian oriented because they had not been required by their parents to understand what being a Christian really meant.  So they did not have a faith which made them want to  serve Him actively.  Yes, it’s true, many in the Church were  busy  but did not see how Society was changing nor did they appreciate the need to communicate the meaning of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection in a changing society and its changing words. So now we have the Humanists and others recommending the following to a mainly unchurched population:


#If you don’t go to church put “No religion” on your census form.” / # The 1899 Queensland Act forbidding abortion should be repealed as it is archaic. /# Same-sex marriage should be accepted as normal./ #Cross dressing should be accepted as normal and a male wearing a dress should have access to female toilets. /#That homosexuality is a normal fact of life be taught in schools. There are more tidbits to drag out of the humanist pie but that will do.


Is that the pagan (godless) Society you want? Well, do nothing and it will undoubtedly come about.   But —  what if you don’t want that for yourself and your children or your grandchildren?


Well, you’ll have to strengthen the Church by becoming actively Christian. When we have enough Christians in society there will be more Christians everywhere with Christian expectations of behaviour and especially in Parliament to help make laws with wisdom. How do you become a Christian? Easy – really believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God whose life was exchanged for your sins/wrongdoings and imperfections thus making you perfect in the sight of God.  And ask God to make you the sort of person you really should be. 


It’s really time to act so strengthen the shield referred to above!  Speak  to any minister or priest in any Church about this article. Don’t put it off – just do it. (SM)