The Bird that Flew Away

The Bird that Flew Away

by SM

A young man visiting a church heard the priest talking about the entry of sin into human life – that is, when Adam disobeyed God. The priest then said that every human being was a sinner, not only by inheritance from Adam, but also by his/her own personal will and, thus, every human has disobeyed God. At the end of the sermon, the young man went to him saying, “I do not need the redemption of Christ on the cross in order to please God, because I’m not a sinner. I haven’t disobeyed God as Adam did!”

After Church, by invitation, he went to the priest’s house and waited as the priest laid the dining table with delicious foods. Then, the priest put a big dish covered with a large silver lid in the centre of the table and said to the young man: “I need to go out for ten minutes, but start eating. Just don’t touch the dish in the centre of the table; leave that for me!”  For a few minutes the young man enjoyed some of the dishes then curiosity took hold of him. All he could think about was the dish in the centre of the table. What could be so good that the priest doesn’t even want me to touch it, he thought.

Cautiously he lifted the lid and to his surprise a beautiful bird flew out and perched on the chandelier above the table. The startled young man immediately jumped up on the table, trying to catch the bird, but as it flew out an open window he slipped, fell on the plates, broke them, and spilled food all over the chairs and on to the floor. Suddenly the door opened and in walked the priest.

Shamefacedly the young man immediately said: “I am not better than Adam. I disobeyed as he did, but more so, because I did not pay attention!” The priest replied: “The bird is a symbol of peace with God. I was going to give you that bird as a present if you actually proved that you are better than Adam. But now, there is a greater gift to come, the greatest gift; not from me, but from God. Christ has already paid with His life for your sins and all that you have destroyed in your life and around you. He is ready to grant you His Holy Spirit to renew your life and please Him by the gift of God’s strength and grace. All you have to do is accept Him and ask for it. What do you think of that?”

Yes, the young man did confess how he needed God’s forgiveness, and, having accepted Jesus into his life went from the priest’s house a “New Person” with his soul renewed. May this story help you to read and understand the Bible and God’s Love. (Edited to fit the page and reprinted from St Paul’s Antiochian Orthodox Church, Brisbane, with appreciation). Discuss this further with your minister, pastor or priest if you wish. [SM].